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As we are keen to hold on and add to our ever-expanding portfolio wherever possible, we are always open to acquiring new opportunities.

Whether it is a commercial gem or a residential no-brainer, we are interested in exploring land and properties for sale that fit with the Wolfbrook vision.

Why Sell To Wolfbrook Property Group

With the aim of becoming New Zealand’s largest all-encompassing property group, Wolfbrook has a need to be agile, proactive and efficient. We don’t mess around. Although based in Christchurch, we are operating nationwide and are interested in acquiring further property throughout the country. Historically, we have operated with a core focus on residential infill sites; however, we will look at any opportunity we feel we can bring value to. So far, we have branched out into motels, industrial buildings, business parks and retirement villages. We work with a large and highly experienced team of people, including employees and consultants, allowing us the skill set to diversify into new areas and cover all grounds relating to property.

We pride ourselves on being easy to deal with and focus on facilitating sales as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Wolfbrook Property Group is well capitalised, with access to bank and non-bank funding. We are keen to continue to expand the diversity of our property portfolio and are open to discussing most opportunities. If you are looking to sell property, make Wolfbrook Property Group your first point of contact.

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