We build thoughtfully designed developments in high-growth areas for both homeowners and investors.

We understand that there is no cookie-cutter solution to building a property. No two streets, communities or suburbs are the same, and therefore no two developments should be the same.

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Cassette Mid-Floors

Cassette flooring is prefabricated in a factory and delivered to the site. This method not only cuts down the install time, but the design gives you an extra level of soundproofing between floors and ultimately a more comfortable home.

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GIB® Intertenancy Walls

All developments are constructed using GIB® Intertenancy Barrier Systems, a cost-effective solution that is easy and fast to install with high fire performance. Lightweight and robust, they have an STC (Sound Transmission Class) of 61, compared to the standard STC of an aerated concrete intertenancy system of 42.

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Geo-specific Foundations

The foundations are selected and engineered based on the geotechnical specifications of each site.

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Driveways are poured early on in the build process to ensure that we have a solid and stable area to work off during construction and also speeds up the titling process once the build is completed.

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Double Glazing

To ensure all-year-round comfort, each home is fitted with double glazed windows from Fairview Windows.

Design Features

No Cookie Cutter Designs

Every development is uniquely designed by award-winning, third party architects. This ensures that no two projects are the same, and each is designed bespoke to their local surroundings.

Considered Spaces

We use an in-house interior designer to ensure that the layout of every home is considered and balanced.

Neutral Colour Palette

Both the interior and exterior of each property are finished in neutral colours. This ensures a classic and timeless property making it more attractive to tenants.

High-Spec Kitchens

Our kitchens feature engineered stone benchtops and high-quality appliances from Fisher & Paykel or Samsung.

Keyless Entry

The Schlage digital touchpad door lock is packed full of features to give you unparalleled control over access to your property.

Light and Airy

The natural light from the private courtyard spills into the open-planned lounge and kitchen, providing a relaxing and airy living space.

Climate Control

An air-conditioning unit is installed on the ground floor of each home to ensure comfort all year round.

Quality Finishings

All properties are finished using high-quality, and where possible, New Zealand made products such as Feltex Carpets and Resene Paints.




Resource Consent

Once we have found a site, we apply for Resource Consent through the local Council. Our application will include all concept plans and consider local amenities.


Site Cleared

This is when the fun part starts. We will demolish any existing structures on the site, whilst being careful to preserve as much greenery as possible.


Building Consent

Following Resource Consent being issued, we will work together with the architect to finalise the construction plans and submit these to the Council.



Now that the site is cleared, we’re ready to start the build. We will mark everything out and then dig out and backfill the area with appropriate material to pour the building slab.



Once the foundations have been laid in the house, the building’s skeleton, including the second floor and roof trusses, are secured in place.


Roofing Installation

Roofing iron is moved into place to start to protect the building below.


Weather Tight

Windows are installed, and the building is wrapped. Your house is officially waterproof!


Exterior Cladding & Interior Fit-Out

This is where things really start coming together – Exterior finishes are applied, whilst the inside is Gibbed, plastered and painted. The kitchen and bathroom are installed, and all carpet is laid.



Now that the house is complete, it’s time to start working on the outdoor living and courtyard. We will build the decks, plant trees and shrubs, and lay the lawns.


Practical Completion

The build is officially finished! Once we reach this stage, Council is invited onto the site to give their final sign-off and then the commercial cleaners are booked.


Title Issued

LINZ confirms each house and land to have its own unique freehold title.



Once the title has been issued, you will do a final inspection of the property before paying the balance of the purchase price. Following settlement, we will hand over the keys, along with any instructions and warranties, and you will be the proud owner of your brand-new property.