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A Little About Us

Steered by Steve Brooks & James Cooney, Wolfbrook Property Group is underpinned with considerable commercial acumen and charged by big ambitions. We are a well-capitalised all-encompassing property group already making our mark on the New Zealand market. With experiences in projects ranging from earthquake repairs to damaged houses, new build residential, strengthening commercial warehouses, motel projects, vertical construction of apartment buildings, retirement living and more the team has acquired a range of skills and experience.

The group currently holds over 250 residential properties and a range of commercial and accommodation type properties in its portfolio. With various different property service business’s and over 500 properties under professional management, the team have a wide range of experience in all things property and have a goal of becoming NZs largest all encompassing property group.


Why Choose Working With Wolfbrook Group

Strategic Thinkers

We live and breathe property and, by detecting early signals, are often across what’s happening before it has even happened. We are constantly reviewing the market with a strategic eye, so we can spot opportunities early. This proactive approach secures us access to outstanding projects that become highly sought after time and time again.

Agile Approach

Speed is a great advantage in property development, with the best opportunities often only on the market for a short time. Having the agility to respond is crucial to success. Our company structure is flat and collaborative, allowing us to move quickly when we uncover great opportunities.

Well Capitalised

At Wolfbrook, transparent and authentic relationships are key. They are the lifeblood of our business and the reason we are able to consistently hit deadlines, achieve high standards and provide results. The relationships we hold dear are widespread, and include strong ties with banks, mezzanine financiers and equity investors. These connections enable us to execute promptly and efficiently when projects come along.

As we continue to grow, there is room for you to join in on our success to. Let’s chat about how we can work together.