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  • Wolfbrook, the name of our company, has an interesting origin story that reflects the personal connection of its two directors, James Cooney and Steve Brooks.

    It all started when James read a book called 'What It Takes' by one of the founders of the world-renowned hedge fund, Blackstone. Intrigued by the story of how the name Blackstone was formed by combining the surnames of its two founders, James decided to explore the Gaelic origins of his own surname.

    As he delved deeper, James discovered that his surname, Cooney, is derived from the Gaelic word 'Cuan', which means 'little wolf'. The idea of a wolf, a symbol of strength and resilience, resonated with James and he began to look for a way to incorporate it into the name of his company.

    At the same time, Steve Brooks was also exploring the roots of his own surname. He discovered that Brooks is derived from the Swedish surname Bäckland, which means 'a body of water'. This inspired Steve to think about the idea of a wolf by the water, evoking an image of a powerful yet grounded presence.

    James and Steve decided to combine their surnames, creating the name 'Little wolf by the water' which was eventually shortened to Wolfbrook. By choosing a name that reflects their personal connection and values, James and Steve have created Wolfbrook with a sense of authenticity and purpose. It is a name that speaks to the strength, resilience, and roundedness of their company, and the principles that guide their work.