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    • Why Buy a New Build?

      Buying a new build property not only means that you get to enjoy living in a warm, dry and modern home but there are also financial benefits.

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    • Design Features

      Every development is uniquely designed by award-winning, third-party architects. This ensures that no two projects are the same.

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    • Home Buyers Guide

      Buying your first home is a big step, and it can feel overwhelming but, with the right advice in place it can be an exciting and rewarding process.

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    • Construction Methodology

      All developments are planned and constructed to fit the region's landscapes and meet healthy home standards.

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  • The Wolfbrook
    New Home Buying Process

    1. Step 1.

      Make an Enquiry

      Get in touch with our team to have a look at the selection of properties that we have in the pipeline.
    2. Step 2.

      Doing Due Diligence

      Together with your lawyer, you will complete your due diligence on the property.
    3. Step 3.

      Conditional Agreement

      Once you have chosen your preferred property, you will sign a conditional Agreement for Sale and Purchase for you to then take along to your lawyer.
    4. Step 4.

      Sit Back and Relax

      We will keep you updated throughout the build, and once the house is completed and the title has issued, you will then pay the balance funds