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  • Interested in buying a new home or investing and want to know more? We have a range of useful resources for you to explore and help you to make the right decision.

    1. First Home Buyer's Guide

      Learn more about the steps to become a First Home Buyer with Wolfbrook Residential.

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    2. Why Buy A New Build?

      Buying a new build property not only means that you get to enjoy living in a warm, dry and modern home but there are also financial benefits.

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    3. Why Invest in A New Build?

      Being exempt from tax restrictions, low maintenance and with 10-year warranties on your new build, Wolfbrook is helping to take the hard work out of being a homeowner or landlord.

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    4. 2 Year Rental Guarantee

      Read about Wolfbrook's 2 Year Rental Guarantee for all Investors!

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    5. Property Tools

      We have a range of useful calculators for you to explore and help you to make the right decision.

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    6. Warranty & Defects

      Wolfbrook only uses trusted building products, tradespeople and building systems when constructing your new property. We take pride in our work and stand behind our properties- after all we build the same properties for ourselves!
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    7. Property Management

      Wolfbrook Property Management was founded in 2015, as a need for a specialised property management that would provide clients with a service level that exceeded the standard property managers and real estate agents.

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    8. Frequently Asked Questions

      Have a burning question? See if we have the answer here.

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