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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Home Buyers

    • What features do Wolfbrook homes include?

      Wolfbrook homes are 'move-in' ready when you settle on the home. 

      They come equipped with blinds, heat pump, keyless door entry, dishwasher, washer/dryer, clothes line & letterbox.

    • What materials do you use in your homes?

      At Wolfbrook, we use a range of high quality materials, including Prime Stone Benchtops, frameless glass doors and tiled floors in showers, double glazed windows, pink batts and intertenancy barrier systems between homes. 

    • Are all your homes unique?

      Yes. At Wolfbrook, we understand that there is no cookie-cutter solution to building a property. No two streets, communities or suburbs are the same, and therefore no two developments should be the same. 

    • Why buy from Wolfbrook Residential?

      Our core focus is on leveraging infill sites within city parameters that benefit from existing infrastructure. Projects in these locations also prevent unnecessary urban sprawl and support greater utilisation of public assets.

    • What is an off-the-plan property purchase?

      Buying off-the-plan means purchasing a property before it is completed. This can offer advantages like securing a property at today’s prices.

    • How can I finance my new home?

      Financing options vary depending on your financial situation. We recommend speaking with a mortgage advisor to explore the best financing options for you. Our team can also assist in connecting you with trusted mortgage advisors.

    • How do I schedule a viewing or consultation?

      You can schedule a viewing or consultation by contacting us through our website, calling our office, or emailing our sales team. We are happy to arrange a time that suits you.

    • What support does Wolfbrook offer throughout the buying process?

      We provide comprehensive support throughout the entire buying process, including property selection, financing assistance, legal guidance, and post-purchase services. Our goal is to make your home buying experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

  • Home Investors

    • Do I get to choose my tenant?

      Head here for more details on our 2 Year Guarantee. 

      Wolfbrook Property Management will choose the best tenant for your property - our expert team perform thorough checks on all tenants we provide. 

    • What is the 2 Year Rental Guarantee?

      You can read about our 2 Year Rental Guarantee here!

    • How does Wolfbrook assist with property management?

      Our dedicated property management team handles everything from tenant selection and rent collection to maintenance and inspections. This ensures your investment is well-maintained and generates consistent rental income.

    • What are the benefits of buying off-the-plan properties?

      Buying off-the-plan allows investors to secure properties at today's prices, often with a smaller initial outlay. This can lead to significant capital growth by the time the property is completed.

  • Capital Investment

    • What is the investment criteria?

      Investment in Wolfbrook Capital Limited is only open to wholesale and eligible investors. This investment opportunity is not available to retail investors. The minimum investment is $100,000. Exclusions apply.

      A wholesale investor is a person who meets one of the criteria set out in clauses 3(2) or 3(3) of Schedule 1 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. An eligible investor is an individual who certifies (in the required form) that they have previous experience with acquiring and disposing of financial products that allow the investor to assess:

      the merits of the proposed investment;
      the investor’s own information needs in relation to the investment; and
      the adequacy of the information provided to the investor by any person in connection with the investment.
      The relevant previous experience must relate to “financial products”. The full definition of “financial product” is set out in section 8 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. For more information, please refer to the Application Form or request further information.

    • How much is the right amount to invest with Wolfbrook Capital?

      Every investor is unique and has different investment goals. Wolfbrook Capital has accepted investment from $3 million to $100,000

    • What does Wolfbrook Capital do with investor funds?

      Wolfbrook Capital lends money to the Wolfbrook Property group to purchase and develop property in major New Zealand cities.
      Investor Capital is raised in the form of a secured term loan with Wolfbrook Capital Limited. Security is provided in favor of the investor for the loan as collateral.

    • How is my investment kept secure?

      Wolfbrook Capital Limited is proud to offer one of the most secure development finance investments in the market.
      Investor capital is secured through a mortgage backed General Security Agreement and a Director Guarantee backed by over $175m of equity.
      Investors enjoy full personal guarantees from the Directors, James Cooney and Steve Brooks, as well as their family trusts.

    • How do I receive my returns?

      10% per annum
      Paid every week
      On completion of the loan term investors funds are repaid